I Love My iPhone Apps

For anyone who has an iPhone you probably already know that there are plenty of iPhone apps at the iTunes App Store. For those new to owning a iPhone, some apps come at a cost while there are many others free to download.

I have close to 50 apps loaded onto my phone, but in reality there are only a handful that I use on a daily basis.

As the App Store is about to hit 1 billion downloads, here are “5 Must Have Free Apps” that I find to be great.

  • TwitterFon – Yes Twitter is just about everywhere nowadays. From P. Diddy, to your local News Channel it seems that everyone has a Twitter account. The great thing about TwitterFon is that you have a menu bar on your screen which lets you sort through your Friends, Replies, Messages, Favorites and an option to Search. View profiles, see timelines and be able to retweet makes this my go to Twitter app.
  • Google – Even if you don’t have a Google Account to make use of the Gmail, Calendar, Docs etc. features, just installing this app for the the Google Search feature is worth it. If you search using the google search bar using the iPhones built in Safari browser you will see the same results as you would on your computer If you use the Google App search you will get results tailored to your location. Not to mention search by voice is pretty cool.
  • Fandango – Need to check what’s playing at your local theatre? Pop in your Zip Code and you are all set. Never tried to buy tickets through it but it is an option if your theatre supports it.
  • Free Wi-Fi Locator – Using your current location this little app returns the nearest locations that offer Free Wi-Fi. This is not to be confused with other apps such as WiFinder which just searches for the nearest Wi-Fi locations.
  • Pandora – Streaming music to your iPhone based on your choices. Listen to a song or two and Pandora will start to recommend music based on what you just heard. Create specific stations for different genres and enjoy free streamed music.

The above are only a handful of great apps so also check out: Skype, Mint.com, Facebook, AIM, Brightkite, Urbanspoon, Yelp and iTalk, you won’t be disappointed.

Have an app that you love? Please leave a comment and let me know, free or paid I love downloading and testing out new apps!

12. April 2009 by Gabe Diaz
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