Error 500 When Updating to WordPress 2.7

I held off on updating several WordPress installs to due to the fear of a few plugins not being compatible.  I updated one installation today only to have my stomach hit the floor when I received an “Error 500 Internal Server Error” message once the update was complete.

Luckily the site was still functional but I could not access the admin section.  A quick search and I was able to find an article by Ajit Gaddam surprisingly enough called Solution to Error 500 after upgrading to WordPress 2.7.

Ajit’s fix:

This seems to be a problem for WordPress blogs which are hosted by 1&1
The solution to the Error 500 – Internal Server error
1. Create a file called “php.ini” in the /wp-admin/ directory of your blog
2. In the file add the text “memory = 20MB” without the quotes

What is odd is that I have installed a fresh install of WordPress 2.7 on a 1&1 server with no issues, but experienced this error only when upgrading to WordPress 2.7.

31. December 2008 by Gabe Diaz
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