Error 500 When Updating to WordPress 2.7

I held off on updating several WordPress installs to due to the fear of a few plugins not being compatible.  I updated one installation today only to have my stomach hit the floor when I received an “Error 500 Internal Server Error” message once the update was complete.

Luckily the site was still functional but I could not access the admin section.  A quick search and I was able to find an article by Ajit Gaddam surprisingly enough called Solution to Error 500 after upgrading to WordPress 2.7.

Ajit’s fix:

This seems to be a problem for WordPress blogs which are hosted by 1&1
The solution to the Error 500 – Internal Server error
1. Create a file called “php.ini” in the /wp-admin/ directory of your blog
2. In the file add the text “memory = 20MB” without the quotes

What is odd is that I have installed a fresh install of WordPress 2.7 on a 1&1 server with no issues, but experienced this error only when upgrading to WordPress 2.7.

31. December 2008 by Gabe Diaz
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  1. Wow!, thanks for posting this, I have a blog for a client on a 1&1 server that needs to be updated. I really dislike that server. However, I think this fix will not only solve the 500 error but other probs I’ve been having with uploading photos to NextGen Gallery, well I do hope it does fix it.

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  2. Good luck. I don’t mind the 1&1 servers but it scared me when I was receiving errors when trying to login into the backend.

    Funny you should mention issues with NexGen Gallery because I cannot get it to work on the same 1&1 server. I currently have AWSOM PixGallery installed but when I updated the plugin and the WP install only 3 out of 4 large galleries continued to work. The 3 that work are 30+ galleries and the one that no longer works has sub-galleries. Deleting all info from the database doesn’t work and reverting to the default WP theme does nothing. Still looking for an alternative gallery option.

  3. LOL! Now I’m scared to update to WP 2.7 on that server. I got some of my photos uploaded to the nG gallery but I came across this article by the nG author which explains the problem I was having, uploading others. I have not done the php.ini thing yet so that may or may not do it. The major problem is with the icon creation, because the memory usage limit is low. I suggest trying NextGen gallery now that you have it set to 20M. NG is the the best gallery for wordpress.

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  4. @Godserv

    I have already tried installing NG with no luck. I was trying to have AWSOM Pix run a couple galleries while NG picked up the slack on the ones that don’t work with AWSOM.

    NG installs fine but when I go to manage it I get a “Upgrade NextGEN Gallery database tables, click upgrade to continue.” After clicking “Upgrade” I get a “Success Please Continue” link. After clicking the continue link I get sent back to a page asking me to “Upgrade NextGen database tables…” It loops infinitely and because of this “upgrade” I cannot add any tables at all.

    If needed I may try to downgrade the WP version but adding a simple gallery shouldn’t be this hard!!

  5. Hello.. i have the same problem… i follow your steps, but the error 500 is there yet.

    what could i do?
    thank you!

  6. Helpful article! Byt the php.ini worked for awhile before it disappeared. The other way is to upload your .htaccess file and your error500 will be gone. However, i find these solutions to be temporary. Worse, my blog’s theme is broken! >,<

    Pls tweet me if you know of a more permanent solution. Gracias! Btw, your woody bg and design REALLY quacks…er I mean rocks! 🙂

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  7. I was having a 500 error accessing only the “PAGES” portion of my WordPress (everything else worked). I tried this, and my problem was immediately solved. Thank you.

  8. THANKS!!! It was the only thing that worked for me!! I was getting 500 errors all the time after I upgraded to 2.7.1 version. I think I’ll reinstall it again anyways, but now I can get into admin and make the necessary settings to perform the reinstall.

  9. @Ana

    Glad it’s helped!

  10. argh.. also upgraded to 2.7.1, and also upgraded my nextgen gallery to the latest version. and suddenly, only the 500 internal server error.. for every page i try to open (admin, normal blog, everything)
    any suggestions, because the php.ini solutions doesn’t work for me? :/

  11. @igor

    So you can’t access anything?

    FTP to your host, delete NextGen from your plugins and see if you can access anything.

    I tried installing NextGen for WP2.7 with 1&1 but due to the 20mb cap on php.ini I got noting but errors.

    You may need to switch providers or choose a different gallery plugin.

  12. thanks gabediaz for your reply, but actually i solved it already: i just deleted my .htaccess, and the problem was solved, and everything worked normal again.
    though thanks again!

  13. Wow, that worked ! I was disappointed when I saw this error… anyway thanks a lot !

  14. I just want to say thank you. I just upgraded to 2.9.1 a year after this post was created and it still works. I had problems logging into my cpanel, but the front-end worked fine.
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  15. thanks for the link to Ajit’s site, it was exactly what I need. Got 500 error after WP upgrade from 2.8 to 2.9
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