Using Stickybits for a Holiday Wish List

I’ve been using Stickybits for several months now but with the Holidays right around the corner I’ve found a great new use for it. I have kids and the one thing family members near and far ask is “What do the kids want for Christmas?” Unfortunately at times this can be a touch question since you can walk into a store with the hopes of remembering everything that gets pointed to but end up walking out of the toy store with remembering only a few ideas.

What is Stickybits?
From their FAQ:

Stickybits is a free app that lets you scan barcodes with your iPhone or Android phone. Each barcode has a wall of digital content associated with it, and some have promotions and deals that will be revealed on scan. Stickybits works with all existing barcodes, QR codes, and also custom barcodes.

This little app will scan anything with a barcode and post to your activity wall. When you launch your scanner you get a neat Terminator-like display that you just place over any barcode. If the item has previously been scanned by someone there may be an image attached to it or you can take your own photo and attached it to your scan. The great thing is that everything you scan gets archived to your profile.

Stickybits App

Creating Your Shopping List!
We ended up going to the store late in the day and my battery was very low but that didn’t stop me from starting our kids “wanted” list. We went down the isles and when items were chosen (and approved by us parentals) I simply scanned the barcodes with the Stickybits app. Not only do I have a list that I can easily share online but I also have pictures attached so that my sisters know exactly which dinosaur my son wants for Christmas, feel free to view my feed, don’t mind the video games.

Hand a kid the The Great Big Christmas Book Store from Toys R Us and you’ll probably get pages with every toy circled, hand a parent a smartphone with Stickybits installed and you could end up with an smart shopping wish list!

Go ahead and give it a try. Leave a comment with your URL or just follow me on Stickbits!

22. November 2010 by Gabe Diaz
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