First Impressions: Chase iPhone App Check Deposit

Early last week Chase released an update to their Chase iPhone App in which it rolled out several new features including a QuickPay Service along with being able to deposit checks to your account via your phone. Snapping a pic of your check and depositing it to your account is not ground breaking technology but I believe Chase is the first major US bank to offer it. Lucky for me I have a Chase account and last week I had a check that was sitting in an envelope in my back pocket which needed to be deposited.

Chase Mobile iPhone App

In order to deposit a check via the Chase mobile iPhone app is an internet connection and a well lit area, stipulations for depositing via Chase Mobile is that you are only allowed to deposit a maximum of $1000 a day and $3000 a week. The app requires you to choose an account to deposit to, a deposit amount and then to take a picture of your check via the app and once it’s done will display the checks relevant information on your phone. Truthfully it took me 3 times to get this to work as the app wasn’t able to read the check properly.

1st Attempt
My first attempt resulted in the app reading the correct amount to deposit(it verifies the deposit amount) but had issues reading the account number on the check, although it did read the routing number fine. I was asked to type in the routing number in the missing field but I figured I’d try again to see if it was an issue with how I took the photo.

Chase Mobile iPhone App

2nd Attempt
My second started out a little differently. The Chase app asks you to take the photo of your check from an overhead position. On my first attempt I did as such but because I was overhead and taking the picture in my office, the lights from the ceiling cast a little bit of a shadow from my head, throw in a slight glare from the fluorescent lights and I now understood why the app couldn’t read all of the information. So for my second shot I moved from underneath the ceiling lights and positioned the phone to an overhead position but made sure to stand aside so that my head didn’t cast any shadow at all. Once the front and back shots were taken the app did it’s magic and tried to read the information on the check. Luckily this time it read the account number and the routing number but it told me it couldn’t verify the deposit amount…the app read the check as having a $0.00 value!! This was not good so I shut down the app and tried again.

Chase Mobile iPhone App

3rd Attempt
I knew what I had to do for the 3rd time around. I needed no glare from the lights, no shadow from my head and just to make sure the app read everything correctly I made sure the check was evenly flat, after being in a folded envelope, by doing the drag the check along the corner of your desk trick. I guess there’s a reason they say “third times the charm” because this time the Chase iPhone app worked as expected by verifying and reading the deposit amount, account number and routing number all by the picture taken by my iPhone. Once you have all your information displayed properly on your phone you are able to submit the deposit to your account. You then get taken to a verification screen which acts as your confirmation and since you already in the app you can quickly go to your account and see the status of your deposit.

Total time taken for depositing a check via the app was less than 10 mins although if I hadn’t run into issues would probably have taken 3-5 mins. The total time for the check to clear and get credited to my account was less than 24 hours, not sure if this is the norm but I’m guessing deposit time will vary and it will not be instant availability as it has to be reviewed. After using the Chase Mobile app successfully I can now say that if I ever have a check that falls under the deposit requirements of the app I will definitely think twice about getting into the car and driving to the nearest bank. The hard part for me is over; I deposited a check for $900 via my phone, it was a large amount to use as a test amount and believe me I was scared of something going wrong but in the end it worked out and it saved me around 20 mins by not having to leave the office. So if you’re apprehensive about depositing a check via your phone, don’t be…it actually works.

14. July 2010 by Gabe Diaz
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