First Impressions: Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search for the iPhone is now available via the Google Mobile App. It works as stated, not only functional but fun as well.

Before using the Voice Search you will need to turn on the feature under “Settings” when you launch Google Mobile App. Don’t forget the instructions as “Voice Search only works in English, and works best for North American English accents.”

After you turn on the settings, just put the phone to your ear and the proximity sensor in your iPhone will start the process of recording your voice with a little beep. Speak regular into the phone and then just move the phone away from your ear.

Watch as Google does it’s magic.

And finally you are presented with your search results which are now optimized for your iPhone which are in the same fashion we are used to, just laid out more efficiently for your iPhone.

Of course Voice Search is cool in itself but when you launch the app, it will ask you if it can use your current location. By just saying “Movie Times” in the app I was able to pull up the times for the nearest theater.

Sure beats opening up an app, typing in the zip code of your location and then choosing the nearest theater! I also tested out some random searches which all returned what I was looking for. Overall, if you have an iPhone you probably already have the previous version of the Google Mobile App installed, just update and you’ll be all set. Else download the Google Mobile App from the iTunes Store and test away, you’ll be surprised how well it works and may definitely change the way you search on your iPhone.

17. November 2008 by Gabe Diaz
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