ScatterBrain WordPress Theme Ready For Release

ScatterBrain Theme - WordPress

ScatterBrain Theme - WordPress

Happy to announce that either late today or within the next few days I will be releasing the ScatterBrain Magazine Style WordPress Theme. I am part of the Beta group over at so I may release it over there for purchase or maybe, just possibly I will give it away on here.

Theme Features Include:
-Widget Ready Sidebar (with 3 specific areas)
-2 Column (Main/Sidebar)
-Main Page:
Featured Story
Recent Stories
Archive List
-Built In Plugins:
WP125 Plugin – Ad Manager
Breadcrumb NavXT
Recent Posts
Recent Comments
-IE6 Friendly

I am going to pull the WP125 Plugin from the functions.php and just include it in a plugins folder. Adding it to the functions.php added great ad support off the bat but alot of people did not want to serve 125ads. I will leave the addition of 125ads as an option and there is still support for it’s placement in one of the 3 sidebar widgets.
As for the breadcrumbs…I put it in as a feature but due to no immediate use for it, it has been removed from the functions.php and will be included in the plugins folder if anyone wishes to install it.

I need to pull the theme from my testing server, create a sub-domain or just a folder and populate the new WP install with content so that everyone can get a better feel for the theme with images and content included. I will most likely kill those blue category, comment, continue reading buttons that appear after the feature post…not sure. Stay tuned!!

25. August 2008 by Gabe Diaz
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  1. Looks good. People like simpler, plainer themes as they’re easier to adapt and customise. I think I got my theme on Smashing Magazine simply because it’s *so* simple and unadorned, and the navigation’s quite original.

    I suggest you think about structure, readability and usability more than any CSS or graphical flourishes.

    And I’d definitely release it for free. I think people will only pay for a theme download if it contains lots of CMS extras. There are lots of free, decent themes out there, so there’s little reason to pay for anything!

    Good luck,


    • @Leon P

      Thanks for the info. I try to stick more on the structure when building so that if others do use it they can make the theme their own with simple modifications.

      Love the simplicity of your theme.

      Thanks for the advice.


  2. Nice theme buddy! I have released this XML file to import loads of fake posts/tags/categories/comments into WordPress for testing purposes, might come in handy for anyone, check it out here…

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