ScatterBrain WordPress Theme Ready For Release

ScatterBrain Theme - WordPress

ScatterBrain Theme - WordPress

Happy to announce that either late today or within the next few days I will be releasing the ScatterBrain Magazine Style WordPress Theme. I am part of the Beta group over at so I may release it over there for purchase or maybe, just possibly I will give it away on here.

Theme Features Include:
-Widget Ready Sidebar (with 3 specific areas)
-2 Column (Main/Sidebar)
-Main Page:
Featured Story
Recent Stories
Archive List
-Built In Plugins:
WP125 Plugin – Ad Manager
Breadcrumb NavXT
Recent Posts
Recent Comments
-IE6 Friendly

I am going to pull the WP125 Plugin from the functions.php and just include it in a plugins folder. Adding it to the functions.php added great ad support off the bat but alot of people did not want to serve 125ads. I will leave the addition of 125ads as an option and there is still support for it’s placement in one of the 3 sidebar widgets.
As for the breadcrumbs…I put it in as a feature but due to no immediate use for it, it has been removed from the functions.php and will be included in the plugins folder if anyone wishes to install it.

I need to pull the theme from my testing server, create a sub-domain or just a folder and populate the new WP install with content so that everyone can get a better feel for the theme with images and content included. I will most likely kill those blue category, comment, continue reading buttons that appear after the feature post…not sure. Stay tuned!!

25. August 2008 by Gabe Diaz
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