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4th version of my site is proudly powered by a WordPress backend.  For now I still need to make major updates across the board but I felt that I should start to slowly let things go live because if I wait any longer I may never get this up and running.

For those interested:
Wordpress powered
Modded Grid Focus theme
Aside from the background and thumbnails all imagery are transparent png’s, and yes they work in IE 6.

It’s a work in progress and I will definately need some time to track down all of my previous work samples.

29. July 2008 by Gabe Diaz
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  1. Hi,

    Very nice site and portfolio. Congratulations!
    How did you get the transparent background png’s to work in ie6?
    I allways get in trouble with transparent png’s.


  2. Hi Anselmo,

    Thank you for the kind words, I am far from done on this site but wanted to launch it as a work in progress as I am pleased on how it’s turning out.

    I was planning on doing a writeup of how this layout was edited and will definitely include the png workaround that I am using on this site. Stay tuned!!

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  4. @Anselmo – ANSELMO we did this very same effect using a PNG fix javascript . If you look all of the transparency imgs have a class called fix on them using css and javascript check it out, it worked out very well on this site as well as the corporate one for my company. Best of luck

  5. extremework friend, keep it up.|i’m bookmarking this blog & visiting over againfor updates.

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